The Best Nail Salon in Dubai

Rami Jabali is a state of the art salon in the Nail Spa Dubai industry. Rami Jabali’s towering fame in salon and spa services is backed by professional training under the top fashion brands like L’Oreal, Wella, GoldWell and an experience of more than 15 years in Dubai services for top-notch personalities and international clients.

Rami Jabali seeks to deliver a peace loving and satisfying nail salon service in Dubai, and that’s why they are regarding it the most promising place for nail treatment. We are known for delivering affordable beauty care services in the Nail salon Dubai industry despite our top of the line quality standards.

Hands/AED Feet/AED Combo/AED
Classic Essential Colors
70 AED 80 AED 140 AED
80 AED 90 AED 160 AED
Long Lasting Shellac Colors
125 AED 135 AED 250 AED
Shellac French
135 AED 145 AED 270 AED
Shellac Removal
15 AED 15 AED 25 AED
60 AED 70 AED 130 AED
Shape, Polish
45 AED 50 AED 90 AED
Shape, Polish (French)
55 AED 60 AED 105 AED
Polish Change
35 AED 35 AED 70 AED
French Polish Change
40 AED 40 AED 80 AED
Shape & Buff
40 AED 45 AED 80 AED
Wrap & Relax
70 AED 80 AED 140 AED

Top Nail Salon Dubai Addons

Naturel Nail Repair 35 AED (Each)
Reflexology | 15 mins 50 AED
Reflexology | 30 mins90 AED
Back & Neck Massage | 30 mins 90 AED