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best hair salon in dubai for ladies

A famous saying is that the most important person you seek approval from is solely you. If you are not comfortable with your appearance, it is the time to pursue a change. We all, regardless of the debate between ladies and gents, want to look elegant, attractive, and beautiful. With modern days’ busy life, visiting the best hair salon in Dubai for ladies has become mandatory. This is not confined to hair styles alone, as we need personal and beauty care on regular basis. If you have recently moved to Dubai or want to explore the hidden gems of the beauty care industry, we are bringing you a list of top 10 hair salons. Have a look at them and select the one with the expertise you are looking for.

10 Best Ladies Hair Salons in Dubai

1. Rami Jabali

It is considered the best ladies salon in Dubai. They have the experts who specialize in advanced services. The team is well versed with modern hairstyles and other beauty treatments. Here you get a number of hair care services and therapies that adds beauty and charm to women’s personality. Rami Jabali is leading the fashion and beauty industry of Dubai for his outstanding skills and expertise in hair styling. He has the privilege of serving the royal personalities and celebrities, and stuns them with his magical finesse in scissors and hair care.

2. Salon Ink

Would you like to visit a salon that is powered by two young and energetic stylists? If yes then Salon Ink is the one to consider now. It is founded by Sharon and Kelly who belongs to Australia and serving the locales here with their exceptions skills. They have a waste exposure of working in both the Australia and the UAE, and are well-aware of the fashion requirements. Considering the Arabic culture, they can offer you a complete makeover for the party or wedding anniversary you aim to attend. Together they bring exciting hair styles and fashion sense to clients.

3. Hair by Rebecca

Choosing a hair stylist is difficult when you are new in a city and want the best of services. Hair by Rebecca is a recommended ladies salon in Dubai with a well trained staff of hair stylists. The team has a knack for selecting an outlook according to the hair color and personality traits. Being certified in their profession, they have the expertise to offer a complete new look that is customized for a person. They have a variety of treatments for ladies of varying age, height, figure, and profession.

4. Highlight Salon

We all want to look beautiful and stunning, but the daily chores and busy life does not allow us to take care of ourselves. In such a situation ladies hair salon in Dubai comes first in mind to refresh the look fast. Highlight Salon is a remarkable place to visit without worrying about your beauty and looks. They have a detailed-oriented team who take great care in changing your looks without spoiling your personality. They believe in customizing the personal care experience so that a hair cut suits you well. You can visit it as it is reliable and an award-winning salon.

5. PhiStudio

It was founded in 2017 as a trendsetter in the beauty industry of Dubai as they have got the expertise in offering micro-blading and nano-blading processes. They deal in beauty therapies that work on improving the pigmentation that leads to attractive brows. PhiStudio Dubai is dedicated to taking your looks nearer to nature with realistic therapies. If you are fear from the beauty treatments, get it done by experts who have years of experience in it.

6. Blush n Curls

You are left with fewer options when it comes to finding a reliable ladies beauty salon Dubai that has a spa facility as well. Blush n Curls is one of its kind ladies Salon & Spa to provide an entice self and beauty care services under one roof. Having well-trained and certified staff, the salon has to offer a number of hair care treatment and styling options. They do have a beauty care products manufactured with the natural ingredients to serve people with chemical-free therapies and avoid allergens. They are known for have extraordinary skills for a hair makeover.

7. Feel Pink

Women in Dubai portray a modern culture, but still they may feel more comfortable if they are served with beauty care in a home-like environment. Feel Pink is the only beauty salon and spa that offer home service. Call them and get a team of experts will visit for a refreshing experience within your premises. You won’t have to leave the comfort of your home. Being expert in beauty care services, they ensure you get a treatment customized to your needs.

8. Ivy Beauty & Bubbles

It is the best hair salon in Dubai for ladies founded by Poland nationals with global accreditation. They are known for bringing a blend of multicultural hair and beauty care solutions for the people of Dubai. What if you are about to attend a party with all foreigner members and you want to try something quite different than the usual? The Ivy Beauty & Bubbles listens to your creative demands and serves the way you expect. In fact, they exceed client expectation with their remarkable skills and styling ideas beyond the normal. Thus, they make you beautiful to the core.

9. Kozma and Kozma

It was founded in 2007 with American roots as the founding members belong to Oregon of the US. Mike and Hillary Kozma are powering this beauty palace with their immense love and passion. They share a lovely relationship of a wife and husband that’s why the way they have set exemplary standards of quality and variety. Hillary is the senior stylist with much of global exposure to serve ladies with mind boggling makeovers, where Mike overseas the rest of the business operations. It is a reliable place to be for a changed look and appealing personality.

10. Aveda

If you are tired of finding the best hair salon in Dubai for ladies with premium services, try Aveda. It is a hub of creativity, where a team of beauty care experts combine to add the charm you have lost in the hustle and bustle of the world. They use best quality products and follow the recommended practices for the beauty treatments. Getting a makeover by one of their experts is like redefining yourself. Girls or ladies who are often worried about aging marks on their face and neck can get treated for soft and wrinkle free skin, and a hair stylist that compliments an entire outfit.

Final Words

No one would want to try a new salon and allow them to mess up with the personal care. It is the reason we have hand-picked 10 best hair salons in Dubai for ladies. These are the established names having certified and professional staff, and follow best beauty practices.

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