Stand Out With These Hair Color Trends In 2022

hair color trends
Get in-trend with your favorite hairstyle and color if you’re in Dubai and take advantage of the finest hair salon in Dubai. Hair colors like unicorns and pastels are becoming increasingly popular in the city. Rami Jabali hair salon offers a wide variety of hair color trends. To achieve the perfect hue in your hair, it’s crucial to explore your options before moving forward.

Dubai’s Most Popular Hair Color Trends 2022

Fashion and hair trends change constantly. In fact, keeping up with the newest styles is one of the best things about keeping up with fashion trends. Additionally, they reflect social and cultural change. Below are 7 of today’s most popular hair colors.  

Surprise Hair Color 2022

Check out the Surprise hair color if you’re considering any of the latest hair color trends. It is becoming increasingly popular. In keeping with its name, this color evokes a sense of surprise. Your hair appears to be in its natural state at first because it seems to be in its natural state. When part of your head or your roots are visible, you will notice color. Colors from a range of hues are commonly used to dye hair of this color. You should try this hair color if you’re hesitant to make a complete change to your appearance.  

Geode Hair:

Geode colors are found in a vast majority of things today. For instance, clothes, sheets, and furniture are made of geode colors. Geode crystals exhibit an array of colors and their shades, which inspired this hair color trend. As with crystals, the color is made up of shades of blue, purple, red, and green. These crystals are usually bright and rich as well. The colors in geode hair are all unique. There are a wide variety of color shades and variations. People who like taking risks should go for this type of hair. Geode hair is the perfect option for those seeking something loud and expressive.  

Rose Gold Hair: 

Major celebrities and influencers began wearing rose gold hair after it gained attention. The hair color was seen on many social media influencers such as Hailey Bieber, Halsey, and many others in recent years. This led to its popularity gaining traction. The iPhone also made rose gold a trendy color. This smartphone was all the rage when it was released in this color. Everyone wanted one. It’s a commitment to keep this hair color. Certain people may find it too monotonous as a result of its monotone nature. It’s pink, so it might be worth it if you like that color.  

Pastel Hair: 

Geode and rose gold colors are not the only colors in today’s fashion world that are popular. Pastel colors are also popular. These soft shades are frequently used by advertising strategists and marketers to promote their brands. Millennials prefer products and items in this color because the color is popular among their generation. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to see entire clothing lines in pastel colors. Pastel colors are also becoming increasingly popular in hair color. Some of the most popular pastel hair colors today are muted shades of green, blue, yellow, and purple. Those who enjoy a softer physical appearance will enjoy this hair color.  

Unicorn Hair:

The use of unicorn colors is also common today, just like pastels. Rainbow colors are usually a mixture of several colors. Moreover, unicorn hair symbolizes health, strength, and vigor. A person with this shade of hair stands out in a crowd. There are hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet in this hair color. You should be aware that this type of color can cause damage to your hair. Therefore, you should go to a professional. Please follow the appropriate guidelines and tutorials if you plan to do it yourself.  


Experimenting with new hair colors can be tricky, that is why make sure that you are in hands of a professional hairstylist. Rami Jabali Salons in Dubai are considered as one of the most experienced hairstylists and colorists. If you are having second thoughts about the color choice make sure that you ask for suggestions from Rami Jabali. 

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