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It is a known fact that women choose to look marvelous everywhere they go and that is how their calendar is filled with all sorts of caring and nurturing toward how they look. Thus, weekly parlor appointments, home remedies and best salons in their contact list, and so on. And then when it comes to their hair, every woman looks for a salon that treats her hair as royalty, even if it is as simple as trimming, the best means the best.

So, in this blog, you will find a list of salons in Dubai that are best known for hair extension and provide the best hair extension services.

1. Rami Jabali Hair Salon: Dubai

Rami Jabali hair Salon in Dubai offers some of top class hair extension services. They have local and immigrant clients who come from the entire UAE services.

The salon is known for the magic with the hair extensions in Dubai, they do not meet your expectation, but they raise your expectation as the salon services they offer are top of the line. At Rami Jabali Hair Salon initially, an appointment is fixed with a specialist who understands your hair, checks them, analyzes the number of extensions that are needed, what style will suit you, color, length, and a detailed discussion with the client is done for all the possible options. The prices begin from 2200 AED and up.

2. Belle Femme: Hair Extensions Dubai

This is the headquarters of the Belle Femme group which has won the “Best of Dubai” hair salon and holds a great reputation in UAE and comes under the category of L’Oreal Serie Expert title.

This salon has a very modern and innovative infrastructure. The salon also provides a top-level experience to its client when it comes to makeovers, hair cuts, and grooming. The top hairdressers at this salon are George Papanikolas, Tracey Cunningham, and Jen Atkin. These are hairdressers who have worked with various renowned celebrities. A program specially built for hair extension includes consultation and the charges depend upon the same. Google ratings are 4 out of 5.

3. Endless Hair: Hair Salon

The salon offers three different types of hair extensions, which are Keratin, Clip-in, and Tape-in. The extensions used here are the best in class and 100% Remy human hair is used to make the extension.

Most of the hairdressers in this salon have nearly a decade of experience and are known as the best in their block, they clearly take time to understand what the client wants and will make sure that in the end, the client is satisfied with more than they were looking for. There is a variety of colors and strengths at reasonable rates. Google ratings are 5 out of 5.

4. Great Lengths Hair Extension Centre:

Great Lengths Hair Extension Centre is a salon located in Dubai that offers a huge variety of hair extensions at a reasonable price.

They use a keratin bond which makes it look more natural, thicker, and smoother. The center uses human hair to make a such beautiful extension that not only satisfies their customer but also enhances their beauty. The prices vary, according to your preferences but they are worth it.

5. Hair Play Extensions: In Dubai

With an experience of over eight years or so, Hair Play Extensions have been serving women with extraordinary looks with their Remy Human Hair or Hair weaves in Dubai and have done the makeover of various renowned personalities in the entire UAE.

They are known for their hair extension in the entire UAE. They also have Crown Extensions as well as Micro Ring Hair Extensions available at their salons which gives a unique look. There are different pricing for different types of hair extensions they offer ranging from 360 to 2106rs.

This was the list of some of the top Hair Salons In Dubai and we hope this listing will help you find the best salon which offers hair Extensions. A list of places where your hair can celebrate, have a happy hair day!

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