Best Nail Salons in Dubai – Luxury Spa treatment for hands & feet

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It’s no secret that when it comes to how you look, whether it be your hair or face, the nails nonetheless have to be perfect and it goes without saying. Hard but not impossible to find a place where nails are treated as the priority, thus a compiled list of all the best nail spas in Dubai for the best treatment of your nails, sit back and just read…

1. Rami Jabali – Hair Salon

Trained under the best brands L’Oreal, Wella, and GoldWell, and with an experience of 15 years in Dubai to have worked with and provided the best services to top-notch personalities and international clients, Rami Jabali is known as the best.

Known as a promising place for nail treatment and with extremely amazing art to deliver, the customer becomes family. With affordable rates and great services, you might want to visit every week.

Address: W Hotel Dubai The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Phone: +971509556592 50 9556592
For Booking an Appointment Visit-

2. Aveda – Beauty, Wellness, Environment

An experience as natural as an experience of rainforest is what Aveda is known for. As soon as you reach Aveda, you will be greeted by Mrs. Chakra who gives you a cleansing greet with her chakra spray which clears any blockage in energy, thus leaving you looking fresh and peaceful. Cozy and relaxing as described by many customers, the seat at the huge Mani/Pedi station has everything to make you feel as comfortable as you can get with a blanket and puffy seat where you can relax and enjoy your happy time.

3. Boudoir Beauty Lounge – Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Known as the perfect luxurious escape at the heart of the city, Boudoir Beauty Lounge has exceptional service for its customers. From hair service to waxing and their well-known work with nails, they cater to all of your needs without any complaint. Abby is a well-known and best hand massager who will ever meet.

Go ahead, book yourself an amazing getaway, to pamper yourself amidst people who take care of each and everything from head to toe.

4. Kozma and Kozma – Spa & Salon In Dubai

Ever dreamt of a mermaid treatment or for once being treated in one of those ways that we go crazy for in barbie movies?

If your answer is yes, then look no more because this is the place where you get one of those treatments where you get to relax in Mermaid tail and get done your hands done. It isn’t just like any other salon, it has a wall of candies and unicorn cappuccinos, sounds fabulous, right?

Then wait no more, go and get your mermaid tail as soon as possible.

5. N.Bar – Nail Spa in Dubai

17 years and still counting, the flawless mani/Pedi here is the best you can ever see. Get yourself the best treatment you and your nails deserve, with impeccable services and state-of-the-art facilities, the place is perfect for your nail spa.

With branches as many as 11 that makes it convenient for you to spot the nearest N.Bar. Catch up with the latest art techniques and make yourself look the best even if it starts from your nails.

6. We Nails – Dubai UAE

Chrome nails, 3D effects, or customized designs, is that all on your list for your nails?

These and a lot of many things in the catalog to satisfy you. This will become your go-to place and nothing will ever satisfy you the way, We Nails does.

This place is known for its stripe pattern, so, just sit back and relax in your plush purple-velvet seat and witness the change in your nails.

7. The Nail Spa – Nail Salon in Dubai

Do you have a beauty parlor checklist? or a checklist for beauty? Or any measures of how you rate a spa?

If yes, then this place ticks all the beauty boxes for you. Trust me, when it comes to polishing your nails into something extraordinarily different, this is your stop. The spa has recently opened an “art bar” which has designs that will surprise you.

The place is luxurious, it’s professional, it’s comfy and it’s your place to give in and relax.

8. The Dollhouse

The house of Glamour as it is famous around the city, the place is known for the various nails treatment that a girl could ever wish for. The place is famous for the Swarovski crystal design, the classic look, and various detailed nail artwork. The salon is one of the chicest salons in the city and well, you have your iPad to sit back and enjoy while your hands and legs are dealt with care.


A compiled list of all the best places for your nails, a place where relaxation and peace are all you know. The best nail salons in Dubai. Do check them out and have a wonderful experience. Happy Nailing day!

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