Hair Extensions Dubai – Get the Best Tape-ins, Clip in, & Extensions

hair extensions dubai

Dubai is a dream city and land of opportunities for many. But being stylish and carrying the right look in such a city is very important. So, in this article, we are going to talk to you about how to increase volume and simply get a change in the look with the help of hair extensions

So, if you are bored with how you look?

Don’t worry, hair extension to change your look or increase the volume are always by the corner to save your day. There are thousands of places where you can get this done but to make your life easier, we have listed below six extremely amazing salons to change your look and give you a new look.

Let’s get started with the list of Top Hair Extensions Dubai:

1. Rami Jabali – Best Hair Extensions in Dubai

Free consultation on what suits you better, helps you choose what color and cut are needed according to your hair, and understanding the amount of work your hair needs are all taken care of before starting the procedure. Trained staff for delivering the perfect outcome. Be it Tape-in, clip-in, or extension, everything is here to give you a ‘new’ you.

The reviews on Google say it all “Hairdressers here are the best” and “One of the recommended salons.” Once you have visited Rami Jabali, no other salon would ever fit your taste.

Book Appointments at this Hair Extension Salon:
Phone: +971 4 363 0369
Salon Timings: 11 AM- 8 PM

2. Salon Ink – Hair Extension Salon

Built by Kelly Cyndrowski and Sharon Anderson, two friends who had extensive talent and experience. The salon is known for having long-lasting customers and the salon prides itself on giving their customer an extraordinary experience. The interior is straight and simple with bold lines and contrasting colors, Black and White. Comfortable chairs for the customers to sit back and relax and get it to transform.

The experts here take their time to understand what you want and what your hair needs and the minute you leave, you have amazing hair to show off.

3. Jacques la Coupe – Hair Salon

With an experience of 14 years, the services at Jacques La Coupe gets better day by day. The staff here has a diversity, people come from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Japan, France, and Russia to work here. The salon specializes in a lot of areas like styling, cutting, hair color, extensions and special requirements such as chignons and hair-up styles for that special occasion.

4. Maria Dowling – Salon for hair extensions

25 years and still counting is how long Maria Dowling has been a professional stylist and now owns her own top-notch salon to redefine awesome haircuts and hairstyles.

Being UAE’s first salons specializing in hair color, the salon redefines your hair choices and gives you out the best. The staff here is handpicked and personally trained by Maria. The salon is modern flair softened by soothing colors to provide a space big enough o relax and leave your worries behind.

If you personally want Maria’s fabulous touch, you got to book an appointment six weeks advance as the salon is very strict about the fact that their client deserves one on one attention and that’s how the salon is considered one of the best.

5. Pastels Salon – Hair Salon Dubai

Being a dream of Ruksher Malik and Steven Chan, Pastels salon is a place where you will find experts who spend maximum time to understand your needs, what your hair wants and what would make you look fabulous and thus, this one quality makes Pastels a huge success.

Easy and Effective advice in cut, color, extensions and grooming your hair to make them look more fabulous at home. Luxury, the large, chic and custom-built salon just for you to have the best experience.

6. Ted Morgan – Hair Extension

Cyril and Emma Morgan are the minds behind this amazing salon which caters to all your needs. Cyril is known for her various international awards and her expertise in hair cut and styling makes her the attraction for all the top-notch haircuts.

The staff is trained specially to deliver an outstanding look to its client. The place is usually and that is why it is important to book an appointment first.

A compiled list of all the places where you get the best in class hair extension facilities. Have a different character today, make yourself look like what you always wish for and Happy Awesome hair day!!!!!!!

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