Get The Best Haircut In Dubai – Top 10 Hairdressers & Stylist

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Life would have been easier if all the hair types were the same and every hairdresser knew what to do with the hair but well, it’s too good to be true and thus, it is very important to find a salon where you believe that your hair is best treated.

And here is your savior- A list of all the awesome salons where you will feel just right, where you relax while your hair gets the cut that makes you look stunning.

In this blog, you will find Top 10 Hairdressers & Stylist who will help you get the best Haircut In Dubai. So, let’s get started will the list and cover them one-by-one:

1. Pastels – Beauty Salon In Dubai

Once you walk into the salon, you know that people around here are serious about your hair and how it looks to what kind of care it in needs. The best thing about the salon is that we you call to book an appointment, you have to come down to the meet consultant, you will give you the advice you actually need, thus making this salon one of the best salons.

Vidal Sassoon-trained George, you know you are in the fabulous hands, so it is time to just sit back and let the magic happen. He is professional, understanding and realistic adviser for your hair in need.

The beauty salon is known for its new and fleek haircut by George.

2. Rami Jabali – Get Best Haircut In Dubai

Rami Jabali is one of the top beauty salon in Dubai your hair getting transformed totally, you don’t have to worry about a cut or you have to be in dilemma about how suits you the best, once you are in the salon, you know you are in the best hands who would give you not the look you thought you need but the look you want to look stunning in!

“Its in my blood”, one of the best hairstylist Rami Jabali said when he was asked about his extraordinary skills with hair, the stylist is known as the best hairdresser and has learned all the tricks and skills from his mother. It has almost been 2 decades for Rami to be in the business.

3. Yin Yang the Salon

The salon is known as the Dubai’s best girls club, given the cream-padded chairs to their Instagram-able flower wall gives you the feel of a place where you know you are celebrated. Their mantra is to provide you with the best with affordable price.

The salon has stylist from all over the world and the one to ask for is Yolini who will be the best you can ever ask for. As a lot of you know that living in Dubai can take a toll on your hair with all the dust and Sun, how to deal with it in the best way is somewhere how the beauty salon guides you to know what’s best for your hair as soon as you leave the beauty salon.

4. Locks By Lou Lou – Boutique for Hair Styling

If in any case, you were looking for a place that was a like boutique style salon and when you step in you like you are in the Alice the Wonderland, look no more and just go right into Locks by Lou Lou. A one-stop place for you to just pamper yourself. You will right at home when you enter the salon, the comfy and the happy vibe the salon has gives you the best experience ever.

Once inside ask for Lou, he is the Art Director who will discuss everything with from your ideas to what your hair wants to what looks the best on you, thus, from there you know you are in the best.

5. N&J by Samer – Beauty Salon Dubai

Simple and elegant salon, N&J by Samer is headed by Samer Naim who have been in the hair business for over more than 13 years, providing the best services to his customers. He had been working in many salons in Media City salon, Nicolas and Jean, when he branched off to Studio City where he right now is heading a team of beauty professionals.

With a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience, Samer knows what will suit you the minute you enter the salon.

6. Toni & Guy UAE – Beauty Salon

Joseph Ong, he is just 29 but the huge amount of knowledge he has on hair, different styles, different treatments and different colors is just marvelous.

He knows which styles suits you, how to manage it and look absolutely stunning in it, he doesn’t give out the same type of cut to cater your needs but genuinely tries to give out the best to you.

7. Chill Salon Dubai

The chill salon is now 8 years old where they have been working with a professional stylist and has many references and experiences.

Nicola Wilcox is one of the best hairdressers and her consultation is top-notch. Nicola is known as the hub of creativity, she takes pride in creating something extraordinarily for her clients, she believes that no matter of the occasion, you should always have hair that you could show off.

8. Jacques La Coupe – Celebrity Hairdresser

A salon with a beautiful interior of black and white theme gives you soothing vibe here, the place is a home for renewed beauty and is everything you are looking for. The best hairdressing experience is awaiting you.

Once here, ask for Jacques Hanna who treats your hair like royalty and more than that, he struck a personal bond with each client and thus, making him the favorite. He keeps his styles simple and elegant which are also easy to maintain. The mantra that he follows is, “I want to leave my customer in good mood, a mood where she can flaunt each and every part of her hair.”

9. Hair Works – Western Hair Salon In UAE

Hair works for Ladies to turn heads is somewhat the name of the salon and which fits right to the motive of every girl just right. It is one of the first western/European salon in UAE. Their vision is that hair care is all about well-being.

Once in, ask for Uzma Khawajah is a creative who mixes a lot of things together to give you a totally unique style to fit your taste and your face. Customers are really impressed with her funky, fearless cuts.

10. Mariadowling Salon Dubai

Maria Dowling is an award-winning Dubai based salon who is headed by creative director and queen of coloring, Maria Dowling. The salon was opened in 2000 and since then, it’s been doing a marvelous job.

Once inside the majestic salon, go definitely for Maria Dowling who is known to understand between the lines, the client doesn’t always a radical change, it is the power of good listening that she could deliver exactly what the client wants.


A list of all the fabulous hairdressers and where to find them is above to make your life easier and your hair happy. The best salon to make you fall in love with your hair.

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