Best Bridal Hair Style in Dubai

bridal hair
When it comes to the most awaited day of a lifetime, it’s not that easy to make decisions on all the details. To share your responsibility of planning what to wear to look unbelievably beautiful we have come up with the most selective and best bridal hairstyles collection you can’t take off your eyes from. Below are the most trending bridal hairstyles with a number of variations to make your special day pretty and beyond.
  1. Fishtail braid Fishtail braids are purely unique and chic. They look great on all your ceremonies and your actual wedding day. Pairing them up with delicate flower adornments, gentle waves add up to the beauty of these braids. Fishtail braid comes out to be super cool no matter how you style them.They don’t take much time and are absolutely hassle free for especially when are you want to spare some time while you are getting ready for your wedding day.
Variations in fishtail braid:
  • Messy fishtail with front bangs Relaxed hands help in creating a beautiful messy fishtail. Leaving few hairs around the other side of tail and bangs around your hairline.
  • Side fishtail with braid This requires braiding different sections of your hair. The next step is to take your hair in a particular direction. Side fishtail looks go well when your wedding dress has a shoulder gap pattern.
  • Easygoing fishtail Tugging the hair gently in an outward direction while you are done with creating fishtail will help you get this look. 
  • Braided and wrapped around fishtail This style requires leaving one portion of hair braided normally and making fishtail with the other part, then finishing with wrapping braided hair around the fishtail.
  1. Messy Updos with a flower or accessory Messy updos are most popular amongst the brides today. Updos can be created with hundreds of variations and they add a little sophistication to the brides look. You can play with updos by adding little headpiece, florals, delicate accessories on and around the bun to make it more attractive.
The best part is updos can be made from hair of any length and offer alternatives from high and low to big and small updos. These are best suited for the brides who don’t wish to leave their hair open on their special day. Variations in messy updos:
  • Angelic hairpiece updo This is the right time for putting that adorable hair piece that you saved for your wedding day.Hairpieces are available in wide variation in texture, shapes and sizes.
  • Rope twisted updo Rope twisted updo gives you a chic look and the twisted portion beautifies overall look. The twisted rope can be braided in different styles such as fishtail braid or normal braid.
  • Loose strands updo Tie an updo by keeping all the strands loose in the front and also in the updo. Loose strands ponytail can be easily blended with all types of textured hair.
  • Ribbon around updo To glorify the updo may it be long or short a lovely ribbon can be draped around.Try to opt for statement shade which can add a little sophistication and complete your overall look.
  • Two strand braid updo Enfolding two strands braided with low updo is on-trend and gives effortlessly chic look.
  1. Bohemian look When you are planning to wear an impossibly terrific dress you should definitely go for a bohemian look.For a pretty boho style, have your stylist build a low, loose twist and draw out swirls on the sides. It is minimalist look but has an astonishing effect on the appearance of every bride. Bohemian look gives soft and romantic feel becoming popular in almost all countries.
Variations in boho hair look:
  • Head piece or Hair comb A hair comb with some teeny-tiny pretty pearls can complement your boho look and a complementary hair piece.
  • Flower crown boho Crowns can be customised according to your choice of flowers, textures and patterns. A floral crown prettifies your look on wedding day.
  • Fishtailed crown boho Fishtail never goes out of style. Crown for the boho can be created with fishtail and you can also go for few tiny pearls which will be icing on the cake.
  • Textured curls or straight hair boho You can also opt for wavy curls or full curls or all straight hair or half curls combined with half straight hair.
  • Braided crown boho You can ask your stylist for adding braids in the crown to give an elegant look. Braids can vary from a tightly knotted braid, loosely knotted braid, making two or more braids combining into one braid.
  1. Ponytail Stunning ponytail is cohesive and compliments bridal dress beautifully. You can add little statement shaded accessory or ribbon.We love the trend of gracing the aisles of many weddings this season with the classic ponytail. A ponytail with wispy bangs is the ideal choice for fashionable and chic brides, not just for casual days, but also perfect for weddings, modern but at the same time elegant. There are so many ways to dress up the average pony for your wedding, from simple high, puff ponytails to low ponytails.
Variations in ponytail hair look:
  • Slick Hair ponytail Smoothening your hair turns your hair glossy and you can rock your ponytail.  It gives formal chick look from the front.
  • Heighted pony tail Ponytails can differ from high, mid-height, one sided or low height depending on the shape of your face and texture of your hair.
  • Fishtail hybrid ponytail Ponytail can be fused with fishtail style on the top followed by the ponytail at the bottom.
  • Loosely wave ponytail A Loosely waved ponytail adds balance to the overall look of the bride.
On the most amorous day in your life, you have so many choices from being innocent to tender or bold and hot. We hope you were able to find what you desired for and enjoyed exploring them as much as enjoyed curating them for you.We know you will be looking magical on your big day.