Hair styling in Dubai

hair styling
Haircuts and hair styles have an exceptional impact on the overall personality of an individual.Getting a trendy haircut is always a matter of concern for women. And here comes a need for a hairdresser who is expert in identifying your needs, right hair type and coming up with a solution that makes you feel beautiful. Today we have come up with the Most Trending Hairstyles and Haircuts In Dubai.
  1. Bob hair cut Bob haircuts are always classy and bold. This style is preferred by ladies who prefer looking super unique. Depending on the cut and the form of styling, they can make you look very different. Wavy and smooth, shaggy, and elegant, asymmetrical, and symmetrical bobs give you the modern look, versatility, and comfort you expect from a hairstyle.
    • Inverted bob Haircuts like reverse bob are very low maintenance.Reverse a bob’s normal angle so that they curve backward towards your shoulders from the nape of your neck. They are a common style, depending on how you style it, can be either contemporary or antique.
    • Angled bob For this style, short layers on the back and long hair on the front are all about form and movement. It can be worn by anyone and is not dependent on the size of your face.
    • Feathered bob Feathered bobs have come a long way and now we are exploring and developing the very definition of trendy feathered bob hairstyles here that will make you a fashionista in no time.
  1. Layers Layered hair can be a simple, fast change that is fashionable and trendy if you are trying to add something to your hairstyle but do not want a huge cut. Layers work, including short, medium, and long hair, on all hair forms, shapes, and lengths.A layered hair cut adds glamour to your personality.
    • Long layers And Wispy Asymmetrical Short Bangs, this long hair cut features minimal long layers. A great addition to this look is this type of fringe, as it adds character and frames the face in an ultra-modern way.
    • Sharp layers Right now, short, choppy layered hair is exceedingly common and fashionable. One way to embrace this hairstyle combo is to shave the ends to a length between the ears and just below the chin for a short blunt cut.
  1. Waves Wavy bangs are chic, but hard to procure and high maintenance much of the time. Our recommendation, because of that, is to think twice before you take this measure.You will find the right cut for your face type from a great hairstylist, and you will not have to endure those way-too-short bangs or other unpredictable hair errors.
    • Fringe waves The fringe will stretch out nicely on your forehead. Hold the bangs high, exposing the eyebrows and forehead. Keep a perfectly lightened entire mane and have a section of hair on one side.
    • Softened textured wave Let your layered waves hug your shoulders in an upward direction and have their ends feathered. Hairstyle very charming when you add smoothness of conditioners.
  1. Pixie Pixie hair style is very expressive and welcomes you can easily try variations of colouring and gradients. Whether you are a tomboy at heart or want to mix things up a little bit and do not mind a crop, go for a pixie haircut for sure! You may lose much of your locks, but a quick wash-and-go look is what you get, an additional edge to yours, and many compliments.
    • Short pixie with hair undercut If you want to wash and wear your hair, this jerky hairdo suits you just right! The straight and blonde locks undercut on the sides and a “pop” off the crown of your head in a different and suggestive configuration any time you wash it and style it. 
  1. Textured hair cut Textured haircuts are common because the cut’s structure naturally adds dimension to the hair. Ask the stylist for long layers to add a bit of volume to smooth, flat hair and to add a bit of texture to the ends. Or, if you do not want to make your hair look like you have just shaved it, here is the way to go.
  1. Curls Curls are further classified into 4 different types of curls. Namely type 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B, 4C.These types vary from light wavy to complete curls. It is very essential to keep curly hair hydrated.
    • Long curls with bangs Your profile can be framed in a perfect way by a dark hair colour paired with bangs. Throw on some baby lights if you want to add a little more to your theme.
    • Layered curls Layered curly hair is a hairstyle for curly-haired women who like, without too much weight, the appearance of length and thickness. Adding textures to naturally curly hair, while fostering definition, forms the hair. Layering curly hair provides texture to the curls.
Conclusion There are endless options to try when you are thinking of giving a new look or enhancing your personality. We hope this information was beneficial to you. Still confused about which haircut will suit you? We are here for you! We offer FREE consultation and help you look gorgeous.