Type of Nail Extensions – How to choose?

nail extensions
Nail Extensions  Nail extensions are one of the most common and well-liked methods for getting longer, stronger nails these days. Beautiful nails are an expression of your personality, but not everyone is born with them. Nail extensions are a great way to get your gorgeous nails. While every length and shape provide us with a plethora of nail-related options, often the intention is simply to add long, sturdy tips to each nail or to have more space for nail art and polish in general. It helps women to accessorize their hands and take good care of nails. 
  1. Acrylics Acrylic extension type is the oldest type of nail extension. It uses acrylic powder and a liquid to form a nail extension. Here artificial nail is formed by dipping the brush in the liquid and then into the powder which forms a pearl-like structure. This mixture is then applied on the normal nail to form a structure of the extended nail. Then the shape thus formed dries itself after some time and no UV or LED lamps are required. There are a number of different coloured acrylic powders available in the market which can be directly used for the nails and nail art can be done on them.
  2. The designs which can be created through this technique are ombre nails, French Manis, and 3D shapes.
  1. Hard Gel The hard gel comes in the form of thick liquid material stored in pot-shaped bottles. The product is directly applied on the nail layer by layer and further, the curing is done by UV/ LED lamp. Hard gel extensions offer a wide variety of colours to play with. These types of gel extension give a more natural appearance. The nail extension formed by such a process is quite flexible and thinner in form. Hard gel is preferred by experts who wish to do detailed artwork.The designs which can be created through this technique are marble and gradient manicures.
  1. Acrygel Acrygel product has been developed recently in the market. This product fulfills all the loophole of both hard gel and acrylics. It has thick density, and it has multiple uses like building nail extensions, fixing a broken nail, or strengthening natural nails. Acrygel does not offer many varieties of colors. The tips or forms used for creating final shape on the nail are limited in terms of shapes, sizes, and structures. Gel polish is used over acrygel layer. Brush is used gently to create the extended nail.
  1. Express Nails Express Nails are a full nail tip that is applied with acrylic rather than adhesive to adhere the nail to the nail bed. These types of nail extensions are the fastest way to get nail extensions. They come up with full coverage nail tip and gel which is available in different sizes and shapes including coffin, oval, stiletto, square, long, and short. With proper planning. Express Nails can last up to three weeks, and the application takes about 20 minutes. For the application of express nails firstly gel is applied on the natural nail then the nail tip is kept on it and pressed onto the nail, finally cured with the UV/ LED lamp. It is similar to the artificial press on nails which you used with glue. These are transparent tips and one can get nail art done over them to get a final beautiful look.
  1. Fiberglass Fiberglass is a thin, cloth-like substance divided into teeny-tiny threads. Your nail artist will spread resin glue around the edge of the nail, apply the fiberglass, and then apply another layer of glue on top to protect the fabric. Since the glue hardens the fabric, shaping the extension with an emery board or a nail drill is easy.For those that are allergic to the chemicals used in acrylic or gel nail extensions, this is a great deal. It has a rather natural look to it, removal is easy and they are odorless.
  1. Silk Wrap Silk wrap nails are made up of silk fabric pieces. Silk wrap nails take at least one hour to apply. The nail tips used in this process are made entirely of silk. These nail tips come in a kit and come in a variety of shapes. You can cut these silken nail tips to fit your nails and stick them on with a small amount of glue. Allow time for the glue to dry. Silk wrap applied to nails is buffed after the adhesive has dried. Buffing the nail surface smooths it out and gives it the beautiful silky texture.
  1. Dip powder Dip your nails into a tiny container of your favourite colour of dip powder. Prepping the nails, as with other methods, is the first step. When they’re done, apply a bond. Dip the nails in powder after that. Until moving on to the colour powder, this section is repeated two or three times. The next section follows the same pattern as the last. A transparent top layer powder is applied after that. A sealer is applied to the surface before filing and buffing it. Following that, a topcoat number three is applied and allowed to dry until a topcoat number four is applied to complete the process.
We hope in this blog we were able to provide you in-depth knowledge of each type of Nail extensions to help you choose from. We provide free consultancy services at our salon. Rami Jabali salon would love to welcome you. Below are few blogs which will help you know more about salons and beauty services in Dubai and UAE:

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