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Gorgeous and shiny hair is the dream of every girl which is why a good hair care routine is necessary to follow. We have curated some of the best do’s and don’ts which will guide you in the journey of getting your dream hair.  Do’s 
  1. Eat and drink healthy 
  2. Trim regularly 
  3. Oiling your hair properly 
  4. Timely wash your hair 
  5. Keep hair hydrated. 
  6. Brush your hair rightly 
  7. Use heat protectant  
  8. Rinse correctly 
  9. Try homemade hair masks. 
  10. Choose right shampoo 
  11. Conditioning is essential 
  12. Keep hair tools and accessories clean. 
  1. Say no to towel dry. 
  2. Say no to tight ponytails and hair styles. 
  3. Say no to blow driers. 
  4. Say no to chemical shampoos. 
  5. Say no to hot showers. 
  6. Say no to stress. 
  1. Eat and drink healthy A healthy diet plays a major role in keeping hair healthy. Take a well-balanced diet. Our hair is majorly made up of proteins. Therefore, it becomes very important to take a right number of proteins on daily basis. 
  2. Trim regularly Get your hair trimmed at least 6-8 weeks to avoid split ends. Split ends are caused by using styling with straighteners and curlers on regular basis and using chemical products on hair. It is recommended to trim at least half an inch of the hair every 6-8 weeks.
  3. Oiling your hair properly Oil massages are great for hair as it increases blood circulation of the scalp helping you fight dryness and hair fall. You can also try using oil shampoos that are enriched with essential oils. Oiling your hair once a week with warm oil is recommended.
  4. Timely wash your hair  A major reason for hair fall is dandruff and itchy scalp. Therefore, to avoid hair fall you should follow a timely hair wash schedule. It is recommended not to wash your hair daily but within 2-3 days. Washing hair on daily basis may lead to loss of natural oils from your hair.
  5. Keep hair hydrated. There are a number of leavein conditioners available in the market you can choose fromDrink enough water say at least 2-3 liters every day to keep your hair hydrated internally.
  6. Brush your hair rightly Try using a widetoothed comb to avoid breakages and hair loss. Brushing hair rightly helps in distribution of natural oils throughout the hair, contributes to stimulating oil producing glands keeping your hair shiny and beautiful.
  7. Use heat protectant Heat can harm your hair by causing split ends, breakages, dullness, and many other issues. Heat protectant works best on protecting your hair from the damage of heat of hot styling tools like curling irons and straighteners.
  8. Rinse correctly Rinse thoroughly before the application of shampoo so that your shampoo can lather better. It is suggested to rinse the shampoo from your hair with lukewarm water and the conditioner with cold water.
  9. Try homemade hair masks. You can try a number of hair masks with the products available at your house. An egg mask can contribute to healthy as it contains several vitamins. Other masks like aloe vera, yogurt, honey, etc. can also be used.
  10. Choose right shampoo Try using shampoo which is sulphate and paraben free. These substances are often used in most of shampoos for preservation and lathering purposes. Go for a shampoo that suits your hair type. Try using different shampoos to find the best for your hair.
  11. Conditioning is essential. Conditioners contain elements that make your hair smooth and manageable. The conditioner should be applied to the ends of the hair. 
  12. Keep hair tools and accessories clean. Try changing your rubber bandshead bands with time, combs etcKeep all the hair products up to date and keep track of expiry of the products you use on your hair.
  1. Say no to towel dry. Rubbing your hair with towel can be damaging at times as they tend to become rough over timeTry using an old T-shirt to wrap your hair.
  2. Say no to tight ponytails and hair styles. Tight ponytails are a major reason for breakage and hair loss. They may also lead to a type of hair loss issue such as traction alopecia caused by tightly pulled up hairstyles.
  3. Say no to blow driers. Let your hair dry naturally. If it is very urgent try to avoid using hot setting of hair dryers rather than use hair dryer with the cold setting. The heat from the dryers tends to make hair dry and frizzy and dull.
  4. Say no to chemical shampoos. Harmful chemicals present in the shampoo can affect hair scalp and hair follicles leading to hair damage and hair fall. Try going for a shampoo that contains more of natural ingredients than chemicals.
  5. Say no to hot showers. Hot showers tend to wash away the natural oil from the scalp. Try setting the water temperature to luck warm.
  6. Say no to stress. You can face thinning of hair due to avoiding stress and anxiety issues. Stress can give rise to problems like dandruff, hair fall, breakages and damaged hair. 
It is important to acknowledge the pattern of the type of your hair before trying any new hair care tip. It is always recommended to try and explore different hair care tips to find what suits your hair better.  To gain more insights on hair and nail care tips feel free to tap on the following links: 

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