Frizzy Hairs? Get The Keratin Treatment

frizzy hair treatment
The primary component of hair and nails is keratin, a protein. Hair treatments also use protein, but here the protein is usually extracted from wool, horns, or feathers. When it comes to keratin treatments, they are done to straighten curly hair. In addition to providing shininess to hair, it can reduce frizz and waviness. These are some of the best hair salons in Dubai that perform keratin treatments.
  • The first step is to wash your hair.
  • It is then treated with the chemical formaldehyde. 
  • Afterward, the bond is resealed with heat, so that curly or wavy hair becomes straight.

What Does A Keratin Treatment Do To Your Hair? 

Keratin is artificially added to the hair during a keratin treatment to make it look smooth, shiny, and frizz-free, which makes this treatment very popular among men and women. A treatment like this fills in the porous spots in your hair caused by keratin loss. Frizz, tangles, and breakage are common problems associated with overly porous hair. During keratin treatments, lost proteins are reintroduced to the hair strands to rebuild them.

Aftermath Of Keratin Treatment:

After a few months, silky smooth hair gradually fades out. In contrast to straightening and bonding, a keratin treatment is different. There will be no flattening out of your hair, no void of volume, nor will it grow in a curly or sleek manner. Keratin is like a deep conditioner that is super-strong. Each person will also experience different results from the treatment. This procedure basically rebuilds the damaged parts of the hair. You can expect your hair to be shiny, manageable, and less frizzy after treatment. Those with extremely curly hair may end up with less curly hair and ringlets that are slightly straight. In contrast, someone with wavy hair would have straight and polished hair. The results of the treatment will vary for each person, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the stick-straight hair you were hoping for. Keratin treatments are more about manageable, smooth, fuss-free hair with a salon-worthy blow-dry and less about stick straight hair that looks unnatural.

Difference Between Keratine And Smoothening?

Keratin treatments do not alter the physical structure of hair, but they do make it glossy and manageable. In terms of smoothening and rebonding, the treatment restructures the hair’s structure and makes the tresses silkier. In addition, the keratin ritual gives you a natural look as opposed to rebonding.

Keratin Treatment In Rami Jabali Salon Dubai:

Keratin treatments in salons, also known as Brazilian keratin treatments, are recommended for hair types and concerns that have problems with frizz, damage, and unruliness. In chemical treatments, the hair is cleansed, keratin solution is applied, moisture is removed through blowdrying, and it is sealed with a straightener at high heat.

Precautions After Professional Keratine Treatment:

Once you choose a professional keratin treatment, you have to take many precautions. For the process to have long-term effects, contact with water must be avoided during the first few days or weeks. In addition, hair styling and tying should be avoided, since they alter the hair’s shape and texture. For chemically treated hair, it is necessary to use special shampoos and conditioners free of sulfates. It is recommended that you consider Keratin treatment if you are frequently styling your hair.

For How Long Does Keratine Treatment Last?

Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is commonly used in keratin treatments in salons. This is why choosing a professional salon for your hair treatment is so important. Multiple chemicals are used in keratin treatments. They are expensive depending on the salon you go to and last approximately six months, depending on how well you care for your hair and your hair growth rate.

Final Words Of Hairstyle Expert:

The term “permanent” does not necessarily mean forever. Permanent refers only to the length of your hair’s life cycle. Discuss your options with Rami Jabali one of the best hair stylists in Dubai, and see what they recommend. Treatments that leave your hair straight for longer than a couple of washes are called permanent hair straightening. You will have varying results depending on your hair type, how quickly it grows, and how you straighten your hair chemically.

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