Hair Colors Trends To Follow In 2022

hair color trends
The phrase “New year, new me” may be tired, but you know what isn’t tired? Getting a new haircut. There are plenty of cool hair color trends to try right now and there is no shortage of cool ways to wear them. In contrast to the biggest color trends of the last two years, experts predict 2022 is going to be about having fun as life returns to normal.  Rami Jabali has plenty of advice for those who want to dye their hair bright pink, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Though there are hair salons in Dubai that provide hair color correction services it’s always better to play safe rather than go wild. Various unexpected tales about classic hair color ideas are also trending. You can order caramel ribbons or silver champagne instead of basic highlights. The top stylists told us about the best hair color trends to try right now, from vintage blonde to bright blue. Listed below are a few items you may want when you visit Rami Jabali for the next time.

Expensive Brunette:

The past year has seen many blonde celebs change their blonde hair color to pretty brown, and we expect more celebs to follow in their footsteps in 2022. When it comes to an expensive brunette, the goal is to give deeper hair energy, dimension, and detail. When choosing a darker shade of hair color, it’s easy to apply a single tone all over, which is similar to using a box dye at home. Professional hair colorists like Rami Jabali believe it’s their responsibility to provide their clients with something they cannot get at home. To make the result more dimensional and expensive-looking, so expensive brunette uses multiple deeper shades to add interest and detail. If you want to try an expensive brunette, it’s important to talk about it with your hairstylist clearly: You don’t want one flat color on the whole head. You and your colorist should decide the darkest and lightest shades you want to see in your hair, and then allow them to place shades between them in a way they believe will enhance your haircut.

Golden Copper

Additionally, red has been steadily trending this year and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it’s only becoming more vibrant as time passes. People who want to make a bold change are particularly fond of this color. Not only does it look good but it’s also fun to wear! You should just keep in mind that red is one of the most difficult colors to maintain, so make sure you plan for regular touch-ups and make sure to use only color-safe shampoos.  

Winter White

Now that the hair salons are open again, we can expect to see a lot more blonde hair this year. It is just something about that one-tone, even color that is a high-lift or a double-process blonde that just makes me fall in love with it. When you choose this color, you will be transported back to the elegance and glamour of the olden days. This type of clothing is perfect for the individual who wants to stand out in a crowd. Although anyone can achieve this shade of color with enough bleach, hair colorists really only recommend it for those with lighter natural hair colors because it is such a laborious process. 


Many hair colorists in Dubai say their clients aren’t opting for huge changes this winter; instead, they’re making subtle tweaks to their current shades. Many hair color fans are opting for richer, more dimensional versions of their spring and summer looks. For blondes, that may mean adding ribbons of deeper shades of blonde to create a more shade-on-shade dimension. This may also include glossing their hair to a deeper, buttery tone or playing with a fashion accent like marigold, peach, or apricot. For brunettes, adding a gloss to make your color richer, and adding more amber, golden tones are great options. The overall impression is warmer, richer, and more lived-in.

Deep Auburn

During the upcoming colder months, deep, rich shades of red are popular. They complement winter looks perfectly because of their richness. These colors look great on women with darker skin colors. The color red brings out the warmth in brown eyes. Blue or green-eyed people can use it to create a beautiful contrast and set their eye color as a contrast color. You should choose a red or auburn color that doesn’t skew too violet. Semi-permanent hair colors are great for this look because they add brilliant shine and condition the hair.

Black Diamond

With this color, we are brought back to a place of control and glamour. With this color, we are representing power, authority, and charisma. Due to the fact that black hair appears so shiny and healthy, this color actually flatters a wide range of skin tones, and on pale skin, it has the Snow White effect. Black hair can also bring out a deeper shade of skin when applied to darker skin. The last thing you should do is ask your stylist for an inky black hair dye and a gloss to make it look as shiny as possible.

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