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hair trends dubai
It is quite likely that hair salons in Dubai will see even more clients in 2022 than they did in 2021. As it is highly likely that a more vaccinated population will lead to even more frequent visits to our favorite hairstylists. However, because the situation still seems precarious, it’s not uncommon for you to want to feel better by changing something controllable, like your haircut. Here are some of the haircut trends that are most likely to become popular in Dubai according to the hairstylists. If you like any of the hairstyles, make an appointment with Rami Jabali and get in the trend Now!

1. Ombré Bob

The bob is one of the hottest trends of the year. This is because it has resurfaced as one of the hottest hairstyles in recent years. It appears in some variation every year. For 2022, there will be a lot of bob styles that will dominate your timelines. They include the ombré bob, the blunt bob, and the curly bob, all of which are expected to dominate their timelines. Playing with this style allows you the opportunity to add a dimension to the style by adding color to an Haute cut.

2. Doobie Wrap Layers

You might remember the times when you were growing up in the ’90s when it took a lot of time and effort to wrap your hair at night. This was so that your layers would fall the way they used to. It’s time to dust off your bobby pins because the look will be back for 2022. The good news is that even if you forget to prep the night before, you can still get the look if you have skills with a flat iron or curling wand. 

3. Wispy Bangs

The curtain bangs trend isn’t stopping anywhere anytime soon, and blunt bangs aren’t leaving anywhere either. But if you are not into heavy fringe and do not want to go too heavy, you will appreciate the wispy-bang trend. In 2022, stylists from all around the globe anticipate this sultry ’90s-style look will make a big comeback. Specifically, wispy bangs are expected to be created, as well as layers around the face, creating more movement and texture. The softness and movement that wispy bangs can add to long, thick hair can be unparalleled, which is why they’ll be a favorite among many people.

4. Blunt Cuts:

Throughout the year, the blunt cut will be evident everywhere, from bangs to bobs, the blunt cut is certain to make an appearance on countless red carpets and timeline photos. As with most styles, this is one that can be performed on any length, type, and color of hair, but it is particularly striking when done on straight strands. Typically, in order to achieve a straight-across cut, curls and waves need to be stretched. They can also shrink when left in their natural state. You can experiment temporarily with blunt-cut hairstyles in case you have curly hair by wearing wigs and extensions if you do.

5. Wolf Haircut

Known as the wolf haircut, the wolf cut has been extremely popular over the past year and is not showing any signs of going away any time soon. Celebs and influencers are likely to continue to embrace this edgy but stylish look well into 2022, if not beyond. Getting the layers right is one challenge, however. Talk to the hairstyling expert about how to achieve this look. Because to attempt to recover from a bad-cutting disaster throughout the entire year of 2022 would be a bad idea.

6. Crimped Hair

It isn’t uncommon for people to associate crimped hair with pop stars and idols from the ’80s, who would wear spandex and leg warmers with their crimped hair. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of spandex here and there, but it’s not something we have an issue with. I predict that the hairstyle of 2022 will be more crimped, will have more movement, and will not feel crunchy, heavy, or weighed down by oily hair products in the least. 

7. Next Level Ponytails

It is not likely that we will ever run out of reasons to praise the ponytail, so we will continue to do so well into the next decade. The ponytails for this season are going to be more colorful, longer, and more prominent than ever before. There will be various shapes and placements for ponytails with textured hair, such as the natural puff. Meanwhile, ponytails with complex hair will be given new accessories and placements. The 2022 ponytails won’t be easy to do, but they are going to make your look from simple to stunning. However, they won’t be as easy to do as the messy bun so professional assistance is recommended.

8. Glass Hair

The trend of “shiny hair doesn’t care” is re-emerging in 2022. Therefore, don’t be surprised if it appears on your feeds again to start with. High shine glass hair will be the hottest trend for the next 365 days, but in all the lengths that celebrities couldn’t get enough of in 2021. As the style is not confined to a particular season, you can expect to see it during the winter season, summer months, and again during the holiday season in 2022.

9. Two-tone Undercut

The two-tone undercut combines two edgy looks into one hairstyle. Out-of-the-box looks aren’t for shy people, they’re real head-turners. It’s not necessary to be bold to achieve this; there are subtle ways to go about it. You can give your buzzed section a different shade in the same color family if your hair on top is a bright shade, such as platinum blonde. If you want to add a bit of dimension to your tresses, you can stay close to your natural hair color for both sections. 

10. Short Shag

The short hairstyle has always been one of our favorites since it is not only stylish but relatively easy to maintain as well. There is a good chance that this is why cropped shags are going to be one of the must-haves of 2022. A look that stands out and can be fitted to just about any face shape, it’s a look that has a bit of edge. Furthermore, it leaves you with enough length to blend in extensions when you want to experiment with longer looks. 

Final Words:

Though professionally the hairstyles are recommended by the hairstyling experts, they recommend the hairstyles considering the face shape and type of hair. But if you have made your mind and have already chosen a hairstyle trend of 2022 to follow. Then get it now or else it will be so on the street that it won’t be worth following the trend.  Rami Jabali hair salon Dubai is always at your service get your appointment now and they will not only help you get your favorite hairstyle. But also they will help you choose the hairstyle that is in trend and will suit you the best. The latter is only for the customers that are having second thoughts.

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