Hair Wigs vs Hair Extensions – A Comparison

hair wig
This is my 10th year of running my hair salon in Dubai. One of the most common questions that customer asks me in consultation sessions is to help them pick between hair wigs and hair extensions. Well, the fact is that the solution is entirely subjective to the matter of preferences and conditions. However, In this article, I am going to analyze the pros and cons of both solutions so that you have a clear picture that can help you to make your decision more wisely.

Hair Wigs Overview

Wigs have been around for us for ages. Thanks to the versatility and freedom they provide to the wearer, wigs have been used as a remedy to hide the unstoppable hair loss. Wigs still prove to be a useful tool in providing wearers with easily accessible style changes, coverage, and fabulous style.


  • The best thing about wigs is that it saves you from the trouble of experimenting with your hair. You no longer have to dye your original hair with extremely harmful coloring chemicals.
  • Wigs can offer you a great style versatility. By spending a couple of minutes on styling; you can change your look without making a permanent commitment.
  • Wigs come in hundreds of cap variations. You can find a designated cap off any look you want to achieve and it can comfortably give a natural appearance.
  • Another great advantage of wigs is that you can remove them whenever you want and maintain daily care of your own natural hair. However, you can also have your wig sewn-in or glue if you plan to wear it for an extended period.


Hairdressers can help you secure wigs with the help of combs and clips. For an additional security layer, your wig can be secured using glue or tape.


  • When compared to natural hair, wigs demand extra care. Although, you are not required to treat it with hair creams or masks etc. you need to handle them with a little bit of extra care.
  • Wig glue can cause allergic reactions so if you feel the slightest discomfort from the gel, remove the wig immediately as it can be troublesome.
  • Regular hair maintenance is required to keep your wig in good condition for a long time.
  • Frequent use of the wig can also cause your natural hair to be suffocated or be damaged. The damage can result in the breakage or thinning due to tight braiding or leaving under the wig for a long period of time.

Best For

Wigs are definitely the best choice if you are suffering from a massive hair fall and your hair are too short to use bonds for hair extensions. If you don’t want to spend hours on hair styling, the wigs are the best choice for you. It is like a cap, you just put it on, your head will feel a little warmer.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions is another popular antidote that women can use to have long, thick and voluminous. Hair extensions are of different kinds and types, but clip in hair extensions are the most popular because of its effectiveness and fast improvement. Hair extensions are made from real human hair or synthetic hair.


  • The obvious advantages of a extensions is that it gives you an instant voluminous look, that is fuller. Wish you hair had higher density, hair extensions are there for you.
  • With hair extensions, you have the opportunity to experiment with different colours and hairstyles. From ponytails to top knots, the possibilities are endless.
  • Compared to other solutions, hair extensions look more natural and feminine and you don’t feel insecure. You’ll feel confident and excited to wake up in the morning and take the time to style your hair.
  • Another great thing about hair extensions is that you can take care of them as your natural hair. They can be styled and colored like your natural hair. You can use your natural hair care products without any worries.


  • The biggest drawback of hair extensions is that they require proper installation. This means that you will have to visit a professional hair services salon to get them installed, maintained and removed.
  • While you dont need special products for maintenance, you must not overlook the care and regular maintenances required. Negligence in maintenance can cause damage. Hence its wise to choose a quality extension that will last.
  • Another issue with hair extensions is that it’s hard to find the exact type of color that perfectly matches your hair color if you want for it to end up looking real.

Best For

The two main reasons why hair extensions are so much preferred is that since they are attached to individual strands of your hair, they feel more secure and comfortable. They make your overall look natural especially if they are 100% human remy. Moreover, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing hats or caps, extensions are going to feel a lot more comfortable than a wig.