Top 10 Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2019

hair color

Hair coloring was limited to a few shades for decades, but as the fashion industry evolved into fascinating treatments and options, the style icons try colors that are never used before. In fact, the fashion industry craves for doing something different. Every year, the hair color ideas go viral that are distinct and unique from the contemporary ones.

The hairstyles that are trending this year are all about getting inspirations from the celebrities, influencers, and famous personalities, and then blending it with a favorite shade or the one that goes in line with skin tone, party wear, or surroundings. In this post, I am bringing some of the appealing hair color styles trending the most this year. You can have a look at them and decide upon the one that fascinates you the more.

Soft Babylights

This year, it is observed that more and more people are opting for a color that is closest to nature. The overall trend of looking natural prevails in hair color ideas, as well, that is why soft babylights is an intriguing approach. This year may be called the era of lightening and reforming the blonde color to perfection.

Honey Bronde

Need an unseen infusion of a color that seems to be foiled in the sunlight for these cold days? Honey bronde is the option to try. The color ensures a mix of bright butter and brown like a berry. This can prove to be more prevalent in the coming days of summer.  

Rich Copper

A touch of copper color to your curly and frizzy locks is a quick fix among hair color styles. This is one of the stunning ideas for spicing your personality without overdoing a variety of hair treatments. The addition of auburn, maroon, or cinnamon can make the style more prominent and stand out from the rest of your party members.

Strawberry Honey

Anyone who craves for fiery hair locks may find hair color ideas like strawberry honey as a dream coming true. You might have seen the magnanimous beauty of Emma Stone that has an enticing touch of fierceness and beauty.

This kind of styling may not attract most of the girls at the first instance as they may or may not be ready to get their head cover with orange color like, but it’s truly worth the effort.  

Ashy Silver

Ashy Silver is your go-to hair color is you want to conceal the gray hairs in style. On one side, it’s a style symbol, at another, it covers the garishness that may come after the age.

However, the idea is not limited to mature women as girls and young can find it equally fascinating. The reasons it is liked the most right from the start of this year is its unique blend of silver with a white ashy look. Try it to be different in an upcoming event.  

Creamy Blonde

The blonde is one of the favorite hair color ideas, whereas it is making vibes this year with a slight modification of its creamy shade. The simplicity and grace of this idea add an unparalleled charm to your personality. The girls who are already craving for flaxen hair can go for the creamy blonde style to find their cravings and a trending option in one.

Caramel Balayage

Any tone in caramel looks gorgeous, whereas 2019 is said to be dominant with delicate tones of caramel color. This idea also came up with the demand in looking fresh and natural, and avoidance of artificial appearance. The fashion trends and needs may change with the passage of time, whereas this year is highly influenced by being a real self.  

Mushroom Brown

Hair color trends may not necessarily be the one that adopts the most. However, these are different and distinct ones. Mushroom brown is one of them that adds flabbergasting charm to the wearer. It has a magnanimous blend of light brown color which makes it the most demanding hair coloring ideas in 2019.

Blended Roots

Now, this is quite an interesting color concept and I personally call it a cute one. The fascinating thing about blended roots I guess is it is low-maintenance that makes it one of the in-demand options this year. If I am given this option to have it for the upcoming event and set free from further treatments for the next 3 months, I will surely go for it.

Jet Black

Despite a common color, black made an entry this year as well with a fusion of a hard look. This came into limelight as soon as the people started following different hair colors, though one of the major reasons behind its fame is Kim Kardashian who likes it the most. You may adore it if you are not skinny and want a hairstyle that goes in line with your smart but healthy physique.

Final thoughts

The selecting of hair color is itself difficult, as you have to consider various matters. It is often tough to compromise your favorite one in pursuit of dark hair colors, which your hairdresser suggests you the most according to your personality. I gave a shout out to the trending ideas, whereas the rest depends on your preferences.