How to Maintain Your Beauty While Traveling

Be it a lengthy business flight or an exciting road trip or a smooth drive to your family reunion, travelling can certainly take a toll on your skin. Many of my clients often ask me this question that how a single flight ruins their skin tone? You board a flight looking fresh and your face is glowing and soon as you land, you look ten years older. Apart from zero humidity, recycled air and fluctuating temperatures, the natural stress caused by travelling is a lethal spear. No matter how much you love flying or backpacking, travelling is always stressful. Moreover, it makes no odds that how much comfortable your expeditions are, most of the times you are prone to exhaustion, sleeplessness, improper diet, hectic schedule and changing weather. All these factors adversely affect your skin and might ruin your occasion day by undermining your confidence. So, I always advise my clients to take special care of their skin while travelling. And it’s not difficult to maintain your skin tone while travelling. Running my beauty salon in Dubai for 10 years, I have a privilege of meeting many showbiz stars and people who travel a lot. They all have been kind...

Amazing Statistics about Cosmetics and Beauty Products World

Cosmetic and beauty products sales are on the all-time rise. Compared to the rest of the world, cosmetic demands in the Middle East, particularly in UAE is growing insanely. The reasons are obvious; UAE and Dubai are becoming the center of shopping and the HUB of world’s fashion. Here are some dazzling statistics from the world of cosmetics The Middle East and Africa is the leading market for cosmetics and the cosmetics markets in UAE will reach 5.6Billions AED by 2018. 2020 will be a landmark year for UAE as they will host an international expo in Dubai for the first time in history. This will also boost the cosmetic sales and estimates show that with the opening of Guinot Middle East center, the beauty industry in overall UAE will reach 45Million$ by 2020. It seems like Kuwaiti women are more concerned about their beauty as an average Kuwaiti woman spends 70-10$ per month on beauty and cosmetic products. Indians are not far behind when it comes to beauty, and an average Indian teen in Delhi spends $71-89 per month. Hair care and Skincare are the most popular products and have the most sales. Cosmetics are 19% popular followed by...

Hair Color and Styling Tips You Never Heard Before

Playing colors with your hair is always a tricky business. Many people love changing and trying out new hair colors, but remember, your hair is a valuable asset, so you have to play it safe. Today, hair dying trend is very popular among teenagers and youngsters, and recent statics indicate that as many as 42 percent of people who got their hair dyed experienced adverse reactions. Their hair gets week, they experience more itching and headache, and they don’t feel comfortable and in the end, they can do nothing but regret. A regular visit to your hairstylist is as important as a regular visit to your physician. Like a physician maintains a complete flowchart of your body’s health, a hairstylist is the manager of your hair. He maintains the needs of your hairs and can give you a better advice on the styles and some pro tips on dying. However, if you are facing some troubles in seeing your hairstylist, I have compiled a list of some handy basics that will help you achieve your most amazing color ever. Get the Right box The first step in dying your hair is to choose the right box of hair dye. There...

Best Facial and Hair Services in Dubai at Affordable Prices

Life in Dubai is vibrant and happening. Every single day you will find something exciting in the city that keeps the pace of life fast and gets you going all the time. Amidst the entire metropolis, the real challenge is to take care of your skin and hair while you can’t afford to run out of style. But entrusting someone your skin is not easy. With over 17 years of experience in the beauty industry, we welcome you at Rami Jabali, a brainchild of one of the most top notch hairstylist and beauty fanatic in UAE and the Middle East brings you a safe haven with combination of expertise and exceptional treatment. Hair Services at Rami Jabali Hair cutting is more of a science as well as an art. A great hairstyle increases your confidence and enhances the overall appearance and people in Dubai look for someone who truly understands their hair needs. We at Rami Jebali have an experienced team of hairdressers and experts that take into consideration your desires, lifestyle, hair type as well as the shape of your face before styling your hair. Our professional stylists will also advise you if a particular hair style doesn’t suit...

Naturally blond and fine hair lacks medulla

The Layers of the Hair Medulla Hair is composed of three principal layers, each with its specific purpose. If you were to examine a cross section of a hair shaft under a microscope, you would see the innermost or center portion of the hair shaft, the medulla. The medulla is also called the pith or marrow of the hair. It is composed of round cells, two to five rows across. Thick or coarse hair usually contains a medulla. Fine hair for the most part lacks a medulla, as does naturally blonde hair. The purpose of the medulla has not yet been determined. Cortex The cortex of the hair is composed of fibrous protein core of elongated cells that are bonded tightly together. The cortex contains melanin pigment and is responsible for giving the hair its strength, elasticity and tenacity. It is responsible for approximately 90 percent of the total weight of the hair. This is the layer of the hair where chemical changes take place when changing the color, permanently waving, or relaxing the hair. Cuticle The cuticle of the hair is the outermost layer. It is composed of a transparent, scale-like single layer of overlapping cells. The function of...

Significance of a salon treatment

Many customers make arrangements to visit a salon in Dubai. A salon offers different services to their diverse customer base. These services include hair washing, haircuts, styles, and other hair services. They also provide professional nail treatments like cleaning, shaping, and polishing. Women adore these services because they like to not only look good but feel good as well. Professional stylists will pamper their client and ensure that they are satisfied customers before they leave the salon. If you think that your hair or nails need some attention, call today for an appointment. Ladies who are looking for a new hairstyle should make an appointment with a salon in Dubai to get their hair done. Every few months, ladies need to get their hair trimmed. It is nice to go to a comfortable salon where the stylist knows exactly how to cut your type of hair. They will listen to your desire for your hair and do their best to make the vision realized. Expect your stylist to take good care of you and leave you feeling beautiful and refreshed after your time in the salon. Most women enjoy getting their hair washed, cut, dried, and styled. If this sounds...

Benefits Of Choosing The Best Salon

The beauty industry is booming as more and more people actually prefer to look and feel absolutely fabulous. Ladies and gentlemen who are actually concerned about their appearance and health make it a point to regularly visit professional hair and beauty salons to get the latest hairstyles and/or enjoy rejuvenating facials. Despite of the fact that services may get a bit pricey; there are popular benefits of visiting beauty salons regularly. New hairstyles Whether you want to sport a completely new hairstyle or take advantage of the great hair services, you can book an appointment at the beauty salon of your choice. Extensions and Brazilian blow-dry services are at the top of the latest hair care trends. Whether you have always wanted fuller and longer hair or wanted to try out a new hair color, extensions can absolutely do the trick. Revolutionary products allow you to experiment with subtle highlights and try out a new look. If you wish to benefit from smooth and straight tresses, you can go for a Brazilian or permanent blow-dry. Formulated to restore and repair, Brazilian blow-dry can actually last up to fourteen weeks giving your hair a completely healthy glow and shine. When booking...

Importance of a Good Hair Dresser

The trend of changing hair styles is going viral around the world and Dubai is no exception. The youth loves makeovers, playing with hair, and getting new haircuts. They believe it gives them a fresh and new look. Apart from this, coloring hair and hair highlights is an ever-growing fashion. To ensure you do not damage your hair in the process of looking unique, make sure you are going to the best hairdresser in town. Hair is an important part of a woman that attracts attention. Moreover, beautifully done hair not only satisfies the woman but it also adds to her confidence. Here are a few tips that can help to keep your hair long, shiny and strong in the long run. Oil your hair on a daily basis (especially the ends), get you hair trimmed as needed and when required, do not use hair products that your hair stylist has not recommended. If you stay in Dubai, make sure you always take expert advice before you do anything with your hair. Many times it so happens that a new hairstyle has come into fashion, but the probability of the style suiting you is 50/50. In such cases, it is...

Find a Master Stylist in Dubai

Hairstyles contribute to an individual’s sense of personality and their overall appearance; which is why women especially take great care on where they go to have their hair cut, styled and colored. It cannot be just anyone that has a pair of scissors and advertises their services, for the results could be devastating. If it was cut too short, it could take a while to grow back or renew if done incorrectly. Instead, you need to find the salon that not only promises but also has delivered the best haircuts in Dubai since they opened. The master stylist is the one who trains stylists in the latest techniques so that every service from cuts and blow drys to extensions and coloring are accomplished flawlessly with fantastic results. This is important when you are preparing for a big night out on the town, a new job presentation or just because you are ready for a change and need an experts' advise on what would work and look good with your facial structure. For example, blondes may become redheads and no one will be the wiser because the color finish will look natural and amazing every time. Clients may book online or...

Finding Effective Hair Services

If you are trying to decide what to get the special woman in your life, there is nothing easier than treating her to a full day of pampering at one of the best salons in Dubai. From haircuts to nails and facial treatments, the salon is a place full of ideas for new styles or to get the current look desired and be ready for a fresh change. Why not give her a gift card that will cover anything she wants. Let her decide on her selection or set up appointments prior to her day for a little sample of everything. We recommend that while her hair is resting or setting in between treatments, have her treated to a manicure and pedicure by the finest technicians. Her hands and feet will feel and look beautiful with the vibrant colors, oils and lotions that they use to relax and refresh the skin; it is like being born all over again with a new body. When she is finished and ready for pickup, she will have a unique glow to her that only comes from being pampered by professionals all day. She will gladly look forward to the next holiday or birthday...

Hair extension & Chocolate color

Our lovely client Azar got a big change in her look today @ramijabali.starting with Colour change, followed by chocolate double tape extensions. She looked stunning and completely different in Couple of hours

Low light & Chocolate color

Soft low light together with Rich chocolate colours are the perfect combination for a change especially if you have dark brown natural hair #ramijabali

Balayage-Sunkissed-Ombre color

Please check out the results of mixing a beautiful face with a stunning Balayage. We are so proud to have so many attractive clients presenting our work all over UAE . Big thanks for the beautiful client Audre.

Pink & Blond Ombre color

The stunning fashion stylist and fashion blogger,Dubai Twins Jan & kate enjoys a full hair make over at rami jabali salon & spa The spectacular hair colours never ends at our salon. Here is one of the most beautiful balayage colours ( Pink, Blond, Blue ..... ).

Color – Jessica

Deep rich chocolate with warm low lights at the ends. Shiny, Beautiful and Vibrant. We love it on our client Jessica

Hair cut

Does your hair need a make-over? Come over for a healthy change and revitalize your hair to its full potential!

Hair Extension

Long long long ....everybody wants long hair . 100 % natural hair extension - exclusive brand @ramijabali number 1 top quality . All colours, thicknesses and lengths available .

Hair Extension

Wanting to have a beautiful change... Go from mid-length to long. Straight to wavy. We can give you what you want.

Color change – Olaplex

Check out this incredible color change from@Ramijabali. Absolutely amazing!! It took only 2 hours & the hair feels so soft and shinny. Big thanks for @olaplex .